New Developments

Policies & Procedures for New Developments

*Any planned project that cannot be served by meters tapped to existing water lines or require permitting through SCDHEC*


  • Developer / Engineer shall submit a letter of intent and complete the Intent to Develop Form.
  • Request for fire flow.
  • Plans submitted with fire flow and demand calculator.
  • Plans reviewed by BWS.
  • After plans are accepted by BWS letter of availability and capacity will be issued by BWS.
  • Permit to construct received by BWS.
  • Admin Fee of $1500 due before Pre-Construction Conference is scheduled.
  • Pre-Construction Conference to include Developer, Engineer, Contractor & BWS representative.
  • Contractor must be licensed by the state of SC, bonded and insured.
  • BWS will monitor and inspect construction (all wet taps must be authorized by BWS).
  • Any live valve operations must be authorized by BWS.
  • Pressure test must be witnessed by BWS technician. (All valves, hydrants, meter boxes may be tested / operated prior to pressure test and ensure the ability to locate water lines using tracer wire.)
  • Sample testing must be authorized by BWS (may be witnessed by BWS technician) All flushing and valve operations must be authorized by BWS. Estimate of water used shall be reported to BWS.
  • After receiving engineer reports / certifications on construction, pressure tests, sampling, as-built drawings, along with all necessary recorded easements, infrastructure deed and cost analysis, BWS will issue a letter of acceptance to DHEC.
  • Fire hydrants will be flow tested by BWS technician prior to acceptance.
  • BWS will assume responsibility and operation of the project when the permit to operate has been received.
  • Pump Station Tap Fee must be paid before any residential taps are sold.
  • Warranty will be for 12 months from permit to operate issue date. *If any deficiencies are noted, warranty period could be extended.
  • Any changes or substituting of material or parts must be authorized by BWS in writing.

All water use at the development / construction site during the project must be measured and purchased from BWS.  The purchase of water will be implemented by the Contractor installing a low-flow meter and a testable double-check backflow preventer (sized by the Project Engineer).  The meter and backflow preventer are the responsibility of the Contractor or Developer to purchase, install and test.  Certified test results of the backflow must be submitted to BWS prior to any water use.  The Contractor or Developer will then be billed based on the meter size and current construction use monthly rates.  All infrastructure beyond the water meter is considered the customer’s liability and is not part of the BWS distribution system until all inspections, tests, certifications, and the permit to operate is issued from SCDHEC.  Upon the removal of the meter and backflow preventer, BWS may require additional pressure testing of the portion of the system where the meter and backflow were removed.

  • BWS will not presell water taps (meter tap fee) or issue receipts unless there is a tested, above-ground double check in place and BWS flow test indicates fire flow is available after the installation of the meter and backflow preventer.

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