About Us

Bucksport Water System is a member-owned, not for profit water system providing needs based service in the Bucksport and surrounding communities. Since 1968, we have been pumping and treating water to provide our customers with the safest drinking water possible. Our system currently utilizes six ground water wells and tanks to provide water for our customers. We currently operate these six well sites with available storage of 1.8 million gallons of water. We are currently pumping water from the Black Creek Aquifer and our wells range in depth from 600 to 850 feet. To date we have approximately 7,100 taps on our system serving more than 18,000 customers with over 375 miles of pipeline. We are constantly improving and expanding our system to support the projected economic growth in our service area.
Our improvements and expansions are managed by our Manager, who handles the day-to-day operations of the Company. Under the leadership of the Manager and a ten-member Board of Directors, who are elected annually on staggered terms by the members of the general system, we actively search for new resources with the goal of increasing our daily water storage capacity and improving our overall water quality so we can bring our customers the best water possible. Bucksport Water System, Inc. is utilizing some of the most cutting-edge technology that will allow us to accommodate the tremendous growth potential in our service area. Bucksport Water System, Inc. is a 501-C-12 non-taxable entity organized under Chapter 36 of the State of South Carolina laws. The Company has the power of eminent domain and can participate in all state programs and qualifies for federal loans.



Bucksport Water System., Inc. is a community water provider operated by an accomplished team of professionals. Providing our customers with the highest quality water possible at the most reasonable rates is what our company was founded on in 1968 and is the foundation of what we still do today.
We monitor our system daily to provide the safest drinking water possible, to give unmatched personal service and to provide strong leadership qualities towards continued growth.
As we continue to grow we shall constantly focus on employee wellbeing and safety, giving back to our community, and building a system that is not only safe but something for our customers to be proud of.



As there is a tremendous growth opportunity within our system we will continue to meet the needs of our customers while planning for the future. We, as a progressive company in a continually changing industry, shall be tireless in our endeavors to serve, empower and strengthen our company, its members and employees through efficient financial management, improved customer service, managed rate controls and expansion of existing and future service, as well as development of increased resources needed to serve our members. We will expand into areas that benefit our members, the Company and its employees through well-managed practices. We shall remain a prominently established and proactive entity within the boundaries of our service districts and we shall continue to strengthen our presence within those districts through strong community responsibility.


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